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Stand out on the global stage

Have your academic texts translated or edited into excellent English.

With its increasing use in many European institutions, English is now the ‘lingua franca’ of the academic world. The humanities – including history, music and theology – are no exception. As a researcher in one of these subjects, you may decide to publish in English rather than your native language. And you would be right to do so. Publishing in English enables your work to be more widely read and to be more easily recognised as contributing to your field. And for your research to be showcased at relevant international conferences, a presentation and supporting documents in English are indispensable.

Academic writing requires an ability to follow stylistic conventions and a detailed understanding of the subject. As an academic author, you know your research better than anyone, but your translator or editor also needs to have a solid grounding in the field.

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Rebecca Mynett, translator, editor and writer since 2015

My name is Rebecca Mynett, and Mots Justes Translations arose as a result of my academic background. I studied French, music and theology at undergraduate level, and I also have an MA in English cathedral music and liturgy, as well as a post-graduate diploma in translation. After teaching for many years, in 2015 I returned to my other passion: languages and translation.

I am delighted to be able to use the skills I learned while writing up the historical research for my MA to work with you on the translation and revision of your academic texts.

My working method is founded on three core principles:

All academic writing must be accurate and relevant whether in its original language or in translation. My commitment to linguistic research and attention to detail means that I will always work hard to find the correct English for a technical term or to create the perfect equivalent of a neologism.

I understand that your schedule may be tight and that deadlines have to be met. I guarantee that if I take on your project, I will deliver your translated text in good time.

I am passionate about my fields of history, music and theology and genuinely interested in learning about your research in these areas. I will work closely with you to ensure that the stylistic and linguistic aspects of your translated or edited English text do justice to your research.

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I specialise in academic texts, particularly in my own fields of history, music and theology. Whether I am translating a scholarly article on medieval music or Marie Antoinette, or editing a thesis on the Reformation or Ravel, I aim to deliver a final text that is accurate, clear, and in an appropriate style.


I only translate texts in my specialist fields from French to English. An expert in academic translation will do justice to your original text while adapting aspects such as citation systems to the expectations of an English-speaking readership. If you need a translation to or from another European language, I may be able to help you find someone with the right expertise.



If you have already written your text in English, it is advisable to have it revised by a native English speaker who is an expert in handling academic texts. I will carefully check the grammar, vocabulary, spelling and syntax, and discuss any changes necessary to make your text more fluent and stylistically effective.

If you are a student, please remember that I cannot write your dissertation for you. However, if your institution allows it, I would be happy to translate or edit your text to ensure that it expresses your ideas clearly.

I also write texts on Christian themes for worship and reflection. As a Reader in the diocese of St Albans, I preach regularly and have a thorough grounding in Biblical exegesis and current scholarly research. I also devise liturgies, prayers and reflections to enable both adults and children to worship and better understand the Christian faith. Some of my reflections and sermon notes have been published by Redemptorist Publications. My first foray into hymn writing will be published by Jubilate later this year.


What my clients say:


Do not hesitate to contact me for more information or a quote.

Rebecca Mynett

DipTrans IoLET, MA, BA, PGCE, CertHE


Telephone : +44 (0)7946 091031

Skype: becky.mynett

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